Working together to improve the quality of life for persons with physical disabilities!

Adaptive Equipment Program for local gyms

Disability Partnerships 

Many local and community-based gyms find it difficult to provide adaptive equipment for community members with physical disabilities. Unfortunately, adaptive exercise equipment can be extremely costly. The goal of Disability Partnerships' Adaptive Equipment Program is to fund the purchase of adaptive equipment for Washington, DC area fitness centers. Eventually, the program will expand nationally by collaborating with potential partner organizations such as the Small Business Administration, etc. The cost of the items may vary from inexpensive to very expensive, but the goal is to offset the cost of adaptive gym equipment for small business owners. Research and testing has shown that adaptive gym equipment provides extensive benefits and positive results for persons with physical disabilities. This also enables small business gym owners to extend their client base to persons with physical disabilities and address the needs of a vulnerable population.

There are several types of equipment that are suitable for people with physical disabilities, from larger free standing machines with or without seats (for wheelchair user) to table top models. 

Examples of Adaptive Equipment recognized by personal trainers in this field:

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