Hi All,

I cannot believe it has been so long since my last blog update.  But, it does seem fitting that I resurrect the blog during yet another period of political debate on healthcare in our country.   To me, this blog represents the manifestation of good healthcare.  I know that seems like a stretch, but its true.  In other words, I wouldn’t be alive today to write these words if I was subject to the pre-existing conditions, lifetime caps or any other limitations on survival.

I do feel terrible that its been so long since I have updated this blog.  I started it with great intentions and the belief that I would be able to document my journey building the organization and talk about relevant topics to my audience. Although I constantly work on building the infrastructure of my organization, I find that I have minimal time to really connect with people. I know that must change.

My hope is that my words in this blog will be inspiring to others who maybe suffering through health issues.  My underlying message with all my posts has always been and will continue to be about forward movement. Keep moving no matter what is happening in your life.  Oh, believe me I know that is easier said than done.  I have learned that If you stop moving, then it is easy to get overwhelmed (like I did with this blog), but if you keep on trying things will get better (mentally and emotionally).

By the way, please don’t forget – September is Spinal Cord Awareness Month so please take a minute to think about the struggles and triumphs of folks within the spinal cord injury community.  Saying this life is hard is an understatement, but I see heroes everyday in my community who roll around and show the world that life doesn’t end if your two legs aren’t moving.

Be blessed.

Posted onSeptember 21, 2017


Director's blog

Today, I serve as social media marketing intern for Disability Partnerships, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for persons with physical disabilities. My time with the organization has allowed me to broaden my awareness and learn more about those living with a physical disability, their caregivers, and their advocates who struggle and accomplish so many amazing feats every day. I have also learned how the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 changed the lives of millions of Americans. As a result of advocates who worked tirelessly for those with disabilities who were not treated equally, this policy has afforded every American, regardless of race, gender, abled or disabled, to have access to basic human dignity.

Now, when I think about equality, I understand that it is up to all of us, able bodied or disabled, to work toward true equality and inclusion. I am invigorated by the work that I have done and continue to do for Disability Partnerships. I truly believe that I am doing my part in building awareness and access for those who are most vulnerable in our community.

Equality For All

by Hunter Huang, Social Media Marketing and Communications Intern

As a young kid, when I thought about equality, my thoughts would focus on race and gender. Since I grew up in a rural area and looked different than all my other classmates, race and gender were my only measures of equality. When I left home to attend Rochester Institute of Technology, I discovered a vast community working together to achieve mutual goals. As a result of attending classes with students enrolled at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf, I’ve been exposed to new concepts, new friends and a new language – American Sign Language. What was most inspiring to me was that I learned to expand my mind and understand that equality included not just race and gender but also disability.

Working together to improve the quality of life for persons with physical disabilities!

Disability Partnerships