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Adaptive Zumba

Every Monday - 4 pm EST
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Are you looking a fun and virtual opportunity to connect with others in a healthier way? Join us for a high energy, fun packed session of adaptive Zumba. The classes are funded by a grant from the Adventist Community Partnership Fund and hosted in partnership with Independence Now. Classes are FREE and VIRTUAL and designed for persons with limited to no mobility and seniors.

Every Monday Except Holidays, 4:00-5:00pm

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Improve the Quality of Life for Persons with Disabilities
Partner with us to help improve the quality of life for persons with physical disabilities.  Make your donation today and help us ensure our critical programs are available for persons with limited to no mobility.


Grupo de apoyo de lesiones de la médula espinal para hispanohablantes

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Inflation and its impact on people with disabilities

Tamara Gallman

Have you recently been to the grocery store? Did you look at the cost of bread or milk and wonder how it got this high? Unfortunately, rising prices are affecting all of us and impacting every sector of our lives, from food and clothing to healthcare expenses. As someone with a severe physical disability, I’m all too familiar with the impact of inflation on my healthcare expenses and, specifically, the cost of caregiving.

How to stay active and stress free during the holidays

Angelina Vu

The holidays are here. The festivities, events, and yummy food can become stressors for those trying to live a healthy lifestyle. So, let's discuss coping with these stressors and why we should keep up our physical activity and healthy eating during the holidays. 

Early Voting

Angelina Vu

Early voting in 2022 has already begun for the midterm elections. Early in-person voting allows voters more opportunities to cast their ballots at the polls. Not only that, but it also offers flexibility for those with busy schedules. Are you planning to take the opportunity to vote early?

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