Accessible Yoga

Dana Roller

August 18, 2022

Over the past two decades, yoga has seen a significant increase in practitioners throughout the United States, in the past, people with mobility disabilities were hard-pressed to find yoga classes that were accessible for their needs. In fact, some yoga instructors have commented on the limited number of accessible yoga classes they ran across in their early teaching years. Creating specific shapes and placing your body points in specific places is the very traditional sense of yoga, but there is more than one way to enjoy yoga. With the help of a great instructor, yoga is an accessible and inclusive experience for everyone to enjoy.

This has become known as accessible yoga. This isn’t a one-size fits all kind of exercise and it’s dedicated to making sure everyone, regardless of their mobility requirements, can participate. Everyone can go at their own pace and comfort level while still getting a top-rate workout. Chair yoga is one modified version of ‘traditional’ yoga where participants perform the familiar yoga poses while in a seated position. The stretches used in these classes are ideal for wheelchair users because they are designed for low-mobility individuals and focus on upper body stretches.

Participating in yoga classes has a variety of physical benefits such as helping increase one’s flexibility and reducing chronic pain. Yoga can also be beneficial for improving both mental and emotional health by helping participants become comfortable in their own skin and increase their bodily awareness. Yoga has also been proven to help with anxiety and depression and it has been linked to improved sleep for some individuals. There has also been a study that indicates yoga can help reduce burnout and is good for stress management and bodily tension. Yoga can be a great exercise for wheelchair users who are looking for a workout that is both moderate in intensity and effective for their mobility needs.

Join us at 10a.m. EST every third Thursday of the month. Disability Partnerships is hosting our own class taught by a certified yoga instructor, “Accessible Yoga with Marka Rodgers”.

Adaptive Costumes for Halloween

The 31st of October is Halloween! Halloween is a time of excitement and creativity for children of all ages. It's the season when they can transform into their favorite characters or go trick-or-treating. But for children with disabilities, finding the perfect costume can be a challenge.  That's where adaptive costumes come into play, making Halloween more inclusive for every child.