Exercise Equipment for Persons With Disabilities

Tamara Gallman
February 13, 2021

Exercise Equipment for Persons With Disabilities

We know that having a disability does not stop you from achieving health and fitness goals. How do you know where to begin and what to do when you want to start an exercise program and have a disability. First, it's important to ask a qualified health care professional before you begin any program. Then, take a moment and write down your goals. Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to get stronger and build muscle? Do you just want to engage with others in a health and wellness setting? All of those are great reasons. Once you outline your goals, then we encourage everyone to "think outside the box" and learn more about options to expand your exercise program. Qualified exercise physiologists can help guide you in the right direction on choosing new exercise equipment. If you are interested in speaking with someone, leave a comment or question on the comment page. We can help direct you to the right person. In the meantime, we have done a little research to help find out about equipment that may work best for you.

Five types of exercise equipment that can help you achieve your fitness goals even with a disability:

1. Invictus Active Trainer This is an ingenious piece of equipment that basically serves as a treadmill to be used for wheelchairs. Whether you look to improve your cardio or do some serious strength and endurance training without leaving your wheelchair, this is the tool for you.

2. Total Gym XLS Great full-body workout equipment that supports a variety of exercises (both easy and advanced ones) to improve your health and wellness and generally keep you fit, the Total Gym XLS is another exercise equipment you can use despite your disabilities and enjoy fascinating results.

3. Resistance Bands Resistant bands are pro fitness equipment that can be used by anybody, including people with disabilities. Helping build your muscles by adding extra resistance, these bands come in various sizes and strengths and can be used for various exercises.

4. Ankle and Wrist Weights A perfect choice for improving strength and muscle mass naturally and with little stress, ankle and wrist weights help build your strength and muscles by adding a little extra weight to those parts of your body. That way, when you move those parts of your body, you end up working out!

5. Regular Gym Machines All you have to do have the weights adjusted to what you can handle, and you are all good to go.


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