An elderly woman at the gym sits in a wheelchair and lift weights in front of a gym mirror.

Adaptive Wellness

If you are a senior or a person with a disability - this class is just for you.  Participants will engage in low- to moderate-intensity workouts targeting muscular strength, flexibility, and range of motion with a personal trainer with experience training persons with limited to no mobility.  
A picture of a bathroom with an accessible bathtub. The open bathroom door gives a view of a bedroom.

Adaptive Grant

The 2021 Disability Partnerships Adaptive Grant will provide grants to persons with a physical disability. Grants are to be used for the purchase of adaptive equipment.  Please complete the form below and we will email you an application.
A woman in a wheelchair interacts with an instructor at one of our Wheels of Defense classes.

Wheels of Defense

Research shows that as a result of their physical vulnerabilities, women with disabilities endure higher rates of abuse and sexual assault than able-bodied women, and are often subject to unwanted touching and verbal harassment. “Wheels of Defense” is an innovative program idea designed to strengthen the safety of women who use a wheelchair for mobility.
A man in a wheelchair is in his kitchen reaching for something in the cabinet.

Affordable Accessible Housing

Unfortunately, people with physical disabilities face multiple barriers to adequate housing. Without a fully accessible home, a person with limited mobility may be unable to access essential rooms or leave the home without assistance from others.

Future Programs

A woman in a wheelchair is seen in the background doing something at her kitchen counter.

Independence Ecovillage (IEV) Project

Our hope for IEV consists of approximately 30 fully-accessible, one-bedroom homes designed and constructed with exclusively green building materials, and funded via a combination of volunteer labor, donations, and grants.
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