COVID-19 Vaccine Finder

Tamara Gallman
March 13, 2021


As someone with a physical disability, I was so happy when the COVID-19 vaccine became available. With the fear of COVID-19 lingering over everything we do, and watching loved ones who had COVID suffer, saying the last year has been painful is an understatement. After spending time learning about the thorough vaccine development process,  I have been focused on getting a vaccine and making sure my family and friends know about the importance of the vaccine. Although, I am in a priority audience,  I understood it would take a while. But, I admit I did think it would be easier to find a location to get the vaccine. Day after day - I was on various websites trying to find a place. I have been on every waitlist. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get an appointment for vaccine. I was trying to be patient and wait my turn.  But, my stubborn spirit would not let me give up. So, I kept trying. I kept googling websites and joining different Facebook groups and reading articles on the best place to get a vaccine appointment. Then, I went to the website, I went to the site and it was so well organized and simple. It helped me quickly pinpoint where I could find a vaccine. And, I got my vaccine this week. So, if you have not had any luck getting your vaccine, try the websites. I promise - it will worth your time.

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Disability Partnerships Receives Grant From Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation

Tamara Gallman
February 15, 2021

Disability Partnerships Receives $25,000 Quality Of Life Grant From Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation For Health 4 All Program