How to stay active and stress free during the holidays

Angelina Vu

December 6, 2022

The holidays are here! The holidays are here! Although it's a beautiful time of the year, we know it can also be challenging. The festivities, events, and yummy food can become stressors for those trying to live a healthy lifestyle. So, let's discuss coping with these stressors and why we should keep up our physical activity and healthy eating during the holidays. 

The first question is, is it even possible? And the answer is yes, it is. We believe exercise is the fundamental strategy for maintaining healthy living during the holidays. Try to celebrate your exercise efforts - even if they must be modified or shortened because of your schedule. Research shows that exercise can help combat stress. According to Harvard Health Publishing, "exercise reduces levels of the body's stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol." This makes exercising a great way to relax during times of tension. In addition, the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA)  states that "scientists have found that regular participation in aerobic exercise has been shown to decrease overall levels of tension, elevate and stabilize mood, improve sleep, and improve self-esteem. "This further proves the point of just how important it is for us to stay active. 

Disability Partnerships offers a variety of adaptive exercise classes to keep you stress-free and get your workout in. The ADAA says that even five minutes of aerobic exercise can stimulate anti-anxiety effects. Aerobic exercise, or cardio, is a cardiovascular exercise that gets your heart pumping. Our classes are a great way to engage in moderate-intensity workouts targeting muscular strength, flexibility, and range of motion with a personal trainer experienced in training persons with limited to no mobility. From Zumba to Adaptive Fitness, we've got it all. It's also notable that Harvard Health Publishing says ​​that "many people find that using large muscle groups in a rhythmic, repetitive fashion works best ." Therefore, we provide weekly classes to repeat and practice healthy habits.

Not only does exercising contribute to positive mental health, but also physical health. "Regular physical activity will lower your blood pressure, improve your cholesterol, and reduce your blood sugar" (Harvard Health Publishing). In addition, exercise reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, colon and breast cancers, osteoporosis and fractures, obesity, and depression.

As we noted, the holidays are also when we may consume more calories than usual. Keeping up your exercise during this will help you manage those extra calories. Remember, it's not about losing weight but staying active for long-term health. 

The new year is always hectic, so it's even more essential for us to continue keeping a healthy lifestyle. Your health benefits will increase with the more physical activity that you do. The CDC states that adults 65 and older need at least 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity exercise. For physical activity among adults with disabilities, the CDC says you can do at least 2 hours and 30 minutes (150 minutes) a week of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity (i.e., brisk walking; wheeling oneself in a wheelchair). They also need activities that strengthen muscles at least two days a week. Need more reasons? Did you know that the CDC says physical inactivity can lead to energy imbalance and can increase the risk of factors for cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and obesity? 

Now that you've got the facts don't hesitate to join Disability Partnerships's weekly free and virtual adaptive exercise classes. Our classes are designed for seniors and persons with limited to no mobility. The online format makes it accessible from anywhere in the world. It's the perfect way to stay active this season. Register today at:

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