Wheels of Defense
"According to a 2015 Department of Justice Report, the rate of violence victimization for persons with disabilities was more than twice the rate than persons without disabilities."
Wheels of Defense
Main Goals
+ Increase the confidence of women with disabilities
+ Equip women with disabilities with tools and strategies to deal with intrusions from both harassment and attack
+ Strengthen the commitment of women with disabilities to reintegrate within the community
"I am very impressed at the amount of support you have for Disability Partnerships.  So proud of the work you do."
- Wheels of Defense Participant
A Unique Program
Working with Defend Yourself to Empower Women

As a result of their physical vulnerabilities, research shows women with disabilities often have much higher rates of abuse and sexual assault than able-bodied women, and are often subject to unwanted touching and verbal harassment. “Wheels of Defense” is an innovative program idea designed to strengthen the safety of women who use a wheelchair for mobility. We partner with Defend Yourself, a Washington, DC based organization, to provide self defense instruction personalized for people of all abilities.

Disability Partnerships is a member of the Spinal Cord Consortium of Greater Washington Metro area (SCI). SCI is a partnership with the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Washington, DC, Adventist Healthcare Physical Health and Rehabilitation of Rockville, Maryland, Innova Mount Vernon Hospital in Alexandria, Virginia, United Spinal Association in Washington, DC.  This particular program activity will be done in coordination with other organizations within the Consortium.

The courses are free of charge for the attendees and the organization provides a small stipend to the attendees for transportation. Disability Partnerships launched the “Wheels of Defense” in late Summer 2016. Initially, the program launched in the Washington, DC, metro area but there are plans to expand across the country.

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