Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does Disability Partnerships work with different organizations to achieve its goals?
We have long-standing relationships with community-based entities, national organizations, and healthcare associations to find solutions to the challenges associated with physical disabilities. 

2. Are your classes free? 
Yes! Every class we offer is 100% free to join.

3. How can I sign up for your classes? 
You can sign up for our classes by registering on our website at www.disabilitypartnerships.org/events.

4. Are your classes recorded/can I get a recording of this class? 
Yes, we do record our classes. You can view segments of our classes on the DisabilityPartnerships YouTube page at DisabilityPartnerships - YouTube. 

5. Do I have to sign up for the class every time or can I reserve a spot? 
After you register once, you will be added to our database and receive weekly reminder notices of the classes.

6. Are these classes only for people with disabilities? 
Anyone can join!  However, these classes are designed for persons with limited to no mobility, but we welcome everyone.

7. Do I need a doctor’s permission to join these classes? 
Although we do not require participants to present permission from their provider, your comfort and safety are our top priorities. You must review the waiver before you join our classes. We strongly encourage participants of our classes to check with your medical provider before beginning any new physical activities to ensure they match your needs and capabilities. 

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